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How does Relora work?

Here is the basics of how Relora is supposed to help weight loss: Too much stress keeps people from sleeping properly. This, in turn, might lead to gaining weight —not only from raiding the fridge at night—but also because it might increase levels of a hormone calledcortisol.

Cortisol is a necessary hormone and as such, does some useful things. However, elevated cortisol levels over long periods of time, are linked to some bad things, including loss of muscle. Cortisol can also increase appetite. Belly fat also has cortisol receptors so they are influenced by cortisol also. To quote the website:

Belly fat “has four times as many [cortisol] receptors, making it particularly sensitive to cortisol. In fact, belly fat responds to stress hormones by increasing in size.”

So, if I understand this correctly, Relora is supposed to block the effects of cortisol and in doing so, reduce stress —and stress induced eating—helping people sleep better and reduce belly fat.

 As an aside, the weight loss supplement Relacore is also touted to reduce cortisol levels. See my my review of Relacore for more information.


For more info on cortisol as it relates to appetite and weight gain, see this page from theUniversity of New Mexico.

All this sounds good —but is there any proof that Relora reduces cortisol levels or helps people lose weight? There is some research on Relora and I will review that research below.

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