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Oxiracetam Cognitive Powder

Oxiracetam Cognitive Powder

Currently, Oxiracetam is amongst the most effective smart drugs in the Racetam class of nootropic supplements. It can improve attention span, concentration, cognitive processing and memory. It is grouped as an Ampakine due to the pathways by which it acts. Oxiracetam’s effects are similar to others in this family, however Oxiracetam is more potent than Piracetam, which was the first member in this class of Racetams. Oxiracetam is very straightforward to use. It is able to dissolve in water so you can just add it to water or fruit juice and stir until it is totally dissolved. This article will tell you everything you should know about this nootropic and how it can augment brain functioning.


This supplement works through a similar method to the majority of other members of the Racetam family. It affects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and the cholinergic pathways in the nervous system, such as stimulating the AMPA (giving the name Ampakines) and the NMDA receptors and the associated systems. Therefore for Oxiracetam to work, those taking it must have an adequate choline intake, which is needed for acetylcholine synthesis.

Oxiracetam is a true cognitive enhancer as it has not been shown to cause any changes on mood or anxiety. There is no evidence of it affecting other neurotransmitters such a dopamine or serotonin, or the inotropic receptors associated with them. Unlike other Nootropics which can enhance mood as well as having cognitive effects, Oxiracetam does not have antidepressant properties.

This supplement influences the synthesis of glutamate and acetylcholine, and it is necessary to understand the effects of these chemicals in the central nervous system. There are a range of pathways involved which can project to short term memory areas, where it has been shown to improve learning ability. Furthermore, glutamate has important roles in sustaining interneuronal communication.


Oxiracetam has a high potency and has stimulating properties. It is a ‘pure’ Nootropic and so nearly all the effects are associated with cognitive processing. Primarily it can enhance memory, particularly; improving long term memory and ability to recall information. It will help to enhance cognitive functions such as being able to think clearer, faster and process information quicker. There has also been some evidence that attention, concentration and motivation can be improved, sometimes to a significant degree.

Many studies and trials have reported that those who have taken Oxiracetam have exhibited improvements in both spatial and contextual learning. Evidence has also suggested that the supplement may aid effectiveness and performance in brain training exercises. The product is particularly considered effective at improving the ability to think logically and skills involved in critical thinking and examining problems analytically.

Oxiracetam may be able to protect the neurons in the brain keeping them healthier for longer and preventing damaged caused by outside occurrences. Benefits include acting as an antioxidant where it helps to remove excess calcium and other possible toxins. Research has also produced some evidence to say Oxiracetam may be useful in treating and protecting the brain against alcohol abuse, and maybe even reverse some of the damage.


Oxiracetam is not used to treat mental problems to the same extent as other Nootropics. However, extensive research is currently underway and being reviewed about its potential to treat serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, and possibly even abuse of organic solvents. There has been some usage of Oxiracetam to treat age related cognitive decline. The supplement deals with the issues in two ways; it helps slow cognitive decline and associated symptoms, and its neuroprotective qualities can improve the health of the brain at a cellular level.

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Along with the majority of other Racetams, Oxiracetam has been shown to be very safe and with low, if any toxicity. It can be used without the risk of causing dependence or addiction, and be stopped at any time. There are no reported withdrawal symptoms or illness associated with stopping taking the supplement. There have been no instances of serious side effects being caused by overdose.

Most of the adverse effects reported are quite mild. They include the normal effects associated with Racetams like headache, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, some dizziness and gastrointestinal discomfort. However these usually only occur when taking a significantly larger dose than recommended. Although headaches are more common at normal dosages, increasing your intake of choline can help to reduce headaches. Regarding the other adverse effects, it is recommended to reduce the dose or stop taking the supplement for a few days until they subside.


As Oxiracetam is a ‘pure’ Nootropic, it can be stacked with several other Racetams for added benefit. An obvious second choice is a quality choline supplement. Additionally, it complements Piracetam and/or Aniracetam very well. Along with being very cost effective, it is relatively powerful and can lead to improvements in mood, cognition and other health benefits.

You can also combine it with other Oxiracetam stacks. Oxiracetam will work well with Noopept and/orPramiracetam, although you should be cautious, as these are very powerful supplements, and it is strongly advised that someone who is new to Racetams and other Nootropics refrain from this.


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    Oxiracetam powder is a relatively inexpensive supplement that is effective at lower doses than piracetam. Discussions of the nootropic tend to describe it as having a “stimulating effect,” making it also a potentially useful nootropic for social situations. Benefits of Oxiracetam Reported..
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